Some humouristic morbid thoughts of mine (I)

They say there is a life after life. So, when do we die?!


– So what if you are an atheist? Do you think that you won’t be tried on Judgement Day?
– Oh, yes, I say, but at least I have an alibi.


My friend has died few minutes ago. Since today, I find out that the mankind starts dying.


The twenty-first century has begun. But you can still count on me.


I haven’t believed in God while I was alive but now I do: I am dead and I haven’t yet reached for hell as I was supposed to. So I think I should be grateful to somebody.


When I was alive I was a true believer and however I had a miserable life. Now that I died, I think that somebody should pay me some compensations.


As long as I have been alive I’ve seen everyday how unjust God is. Now I am dead and believe me: I don’t care anymore about it.

7th of October 1995

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